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Food & Drink and Traditions

What to visit during your stay in Brisighella? There’s lots to discover, for all tastes.
These are the itineraries we suggest.

The food and drink in Brisighella is part of the Romagnola traditional cuisine with produce of the highest quality.

If you’d like to enjoy the authentic Brisighella, you mustn’t miss out on its’ most famous and tasty produce!

Brisighello Olive Oil D.O.P

It’s the main product from Brisighella as well as the first, in 1996, to have obtained “protected status” (DOP) which underlines the presciousness of an oil that dates back to Roman times.
If you’re interested, we recommend a trip to one of the olive oil factories in our region. Ask us to organise a visit!

Mora Romagnola

When you come to Romagna you can’t fail to treat yourself to some Mora Romagnola salame! The name “Mora” (dark haired) of this particular breed of pig was registered in 1942 and is easily recognisable from the colour of its’ skin.

Matta Sausage and Ciccioli

These are pork meats produced in a particular manner, typical in Romagna.
Salsiccia Matta is very tasty, prepared with mainly offal. It can be cooked flame-grilled or in olive oil – antipasti style.
Ciccioli however are small irregular shaped pieces of pork, with a dark colour which are perfect as antipasti cold meats or to accompany an aperetif. These are cooked in a copper pot and strained.

Fresh Pasta

As well as tagliatelle, cappelletti e tortelli, In the Romagna region (and especialy in Brisighella) we offer particular types of fresh pasta that can only be found here such as spoja lorda and curzul .
he former is a filled pasta served in a chicken broth. The curzul on the other hand are best enjoyed with a shallot onion based sauce.

Il Vino

Romagna is an area of excellence in wine-growing, who cultivate their “home grown” wines from the local vineyards to the very highest standards. You can visit one of the many wine cellars in our region for tasting sessions, we recommend you refer to the “Emilia Romagna da Bere” guide by the Italian Sommelier Association and can be viewed for free (see link below).


Sangiovese wine is the first Romagnolo wine to have achieved DOC status (protected). This red wine symbolises and represents this area and three types are produced: Sangiovese Superiore, Sangiovese Riserva and Sangiovese Novello.


Albana wine is the first white wine to receive the DOCG status and together with Sangiovese, these are the signature wines representing our region. This can be dry or sweet.


This is a sweet autumnal wine with a deep purple-red colour from the Refosco vine, a perfect accompaniment to roasted chestnuts or Ciambella Sponge cake.

PAGADEBIT DI ROMAGNA (Debt-payer of Romagna)

This strangely named wine is from the white Bombino vine. It is so-called, due to its’ ability to “pay back debts” as it offers relief to the wine grower due to its’ abundance.

Forgotten Fruits

Forgotten Fruits are a group of ancient fruits grown in the local fields of the region which are almost only now found in the wild.

Some of our local producers, have decided to re-discover them, re-introducing them into their menus. The queen of these forgotten fruits is the Pera Volpina, perfect when poached in red wine and sugar. Amongst the others you’ll come across Corbezzolo, Corinola, Quince, Jujube, Medlar and Rowan.

The Moretto Artichoke

The “Moretto” is an indiginous artichocke to Brisighella, which has not been tampered with genetically. It grows in the wild, in the local Apennine Mountains and has a slightly bitter, unique taste but decidedly appetising.
The Moretto Artichocke Festival is organised every year in the first 2 weeks of May.


For guided tours of local cities of Art in Emilia Romagna, and Brisighella:



The Sangiovese Wine Trail:

The Emilia Romagna Drinking Guide

Brisighella as a starting point

La Rocca Hotel is an ideal base from which to travel and move around Romagna, thanks to its’ central position and closeness to cities of art, the sea and the Apennines!

Cities of Art

Cities of Art

We are close to Faenza (10km) known for its ceramics, Imola (27km) and Dozza (36km). Make sure you visit the Byzantine city of Ravenna (55km), the region’s capital Bologna (70Km), Florence (92km) and Ferrara (112km).

Nature Walks

Nature Walks

The Parco della Vena del Gesso and the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi has breathtaking views, small villages and magical groups of houses which remain in your heart, all to be enjoyed either on foot or by bicycle.

The Romagnola Riviera

The Romagnola Riviera

An afternoon at Cesenatico Port, designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, an evening in Cervia and Milano Marittima, a night in Rimini, Riccione and San Marino. The Romagnola Riviera is a stone’s throw away!

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